FUN Technologies Inc. is one of the world's leading providers of online and interactive casual and fantasy sports games and sports information.  FUN is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation.

FUN offers a wide range of skill games, which are offered over the Internet, as well as through wireless applications (mobile) and iTV (interactive television), and on stand-alone kiosks. Skill games are classified as ones in which the winner is determined based on the skill of the participants, rather than on chance. FUN games offers free games (for users to improve their skills), cash games, competitive tournaments and a subscription service on its site.



FUN's fantasy destination division, Fanball, is one of the largest independent sports fantasy providers in the US, creating league-hosting software, content, real-time sports statistics, and interactive games for the web and other convergent media platforms. Fanball is the premier provider of online fantasy sports contests, content, strategy and insight, and has exclusive, white-label distribution agreements with leading organizations such as AOL and It also owns Radio and produces print publications called "Just Cheat Sheets", "Fantasy Racing" and "Fantasy Football Weekly", one of America's top-selling fantasy sports publications.

The other service offered by FUN is real-time sports information on the Internet—a must-have for all sports enthusiasts.