November 2, 2007
Launch your own sport league at Fanball
The Daily Gleaner
October 20, 2007
Volunteers sign up in droves for economic-development initiatives
Article by Stephen Llewellyn
Macleans Magazine
October 1, 2007
The New Masters of the Universe: Lorne Abony
Article by Peter C. Newman
Digital Media Wire
August 2, 2007
FUN Technologies, King.com Form Interactive Skill Games Association
Mass High Tech
March 12, 2007
WorldWinner pens prize deal with EA's competition site
The Shreveport Times
February 19, 2007
PGA Tour Starts Match Play Madness
Rocky Mountain News
February 19, 2007
Liberty Media is going to the dogs. Ande Cats
Article by Joyzelle Davis
The Boston Globe
February 15, 2007
FUN Tech Partners with DirecTV
Article by Boston Globe Business Team
ABC News Cybershake
November 21, 2006
Casual Games Winner
ABC's Larry Jacobs interviews Kavitha Yalavarthi, winner of the WorldWide Web Games
December 8, 2006
"World's Best Casual Gamer" wants to be a lawyer
Article by Lisa Baertlein
December 8, 2006

The Solitaire Millionaire
W3Games Champion Kavitha Yalavarthi chats with Forbes.com video network anchor Annalisa Burgos

The Statesman
November 17, 2006
Luck is a Lady
KTBC-TV Austin, TX
November 9, 2006

FOX 7 News Edge Extra: Video Game Jackpot
Segment featuring W3Games winner Kavitha Yalavarthi

Los Angeles Business Journal
Oct 23, 2006
Skill Games Look Like Winners Due to Online Gambling Laws
Article by Dan Cox
Toronto Star
Oct 5, 2006
Legal gaming could rake it in
Article by Dana Flavelle
Green Bay Press-Gazette
September 22, 2006
Solitaire skills draw $25,000 payday
Article by Thomas Rozwadowski/Press-Gazette
Dallas Morning News
September 17, 2006
Texas Gamer with Victor Godinez
September 13, 2006
Brady Bunch Boys -- Back in Action!
Article by TMZ Staff
September 11, 2006
Casual gamer gets serious prize
Article by Tim Surette, GameSpot
New York Times
Sept 10, 2006
Game Makers Court ‘Casual’ Players With Shorter, Less Lethal Fare
Article by Doreen Carvajal/International Herald Tribune
VH1 Game Break
July 18, 2006

$1,000,000 Casual Game TV Show?
Article by Harold Goldberg

July 11, 2006

GSN to cover the Worldwide Web Games

C21's FutureMedia
June 2006

Liberty Belles
Article by Jonathan Webdale

C21 Media.net
May 9, 2006

GSN to screen Worldwide Web Games
Article by Jonathan Webdale

Globe and Mail
May 2, 2006

Top 40 Under 40 2005
Lorne Abony, CEO of FUN, wins prestigious award

ROBTV Interview
April 28, 2006

Power Breakfast
AM Business with Bridgette Anderson
Interview with FUN CFO James Lanthier
Friday, 8:50 am

April 2006

Talking About a Million Dollars: SkillJam's Casual Gaming Championship
Interview with SkillJam President Paul Jenson

CBS MarketWatch
March 2006

Casual Gaming
Interview with David Kesmodel, Wall Street Journal

March 22, 2006

FUN Technologies on the acquisition trail once again

Backbone Magazine
March 14, 2006

Buying Bounces Back
Article by Mark Evans

Decima - Canadian New Media
January 20, 2006

FUN Technologies ushers in 2006 with another acquisition
Article by James Lewis, Editor

Arizona Daily Star
January 27, 2006

Local firm "Octopi" in forefront of video game advance: Wireless networks being used in multiplayer contests
Article by David Wichner, Business Editor

eGaming Review
December 2005

Securing a second success
Business Strategies - Article by Scott Longley

eGaming Review
December 2005

Liberty snaps up 51% of FUN for US$194m
Industry news

eGaming Review
December 2005

Seeing is believing - eGaming a mainstream industry
Cover story

The Escapist
December 2005

Scrappy kids trying to make it big
Interview with SkillJam President Paul Jensen, by Shannon Drake

December 12, 2005

Gamer boys, shove over
Article by Ronald Grover

Financial Times (UK)
November 23, 2005

Liberty Media in control of FUN
FT Companies & Markets- Article by Matthew Garrahan

Globe and Mail
November 23, 2005

Liberty Media wagers on Internet gaming firm
Report on Business - Article by Simon Avery

Financial Post
November 23, 2005

Liberty Media pays US$195M for a little FUN
Article by Mark Evans

Daily Telegraph (UK)
November 23, 2005

Liberty Media gets in on FUN
Business - Article by Dominic White

Toronto Star
November 23, 2005

Liberty Media buys some FUN
Business - CP

The Guardian (UK)
November 23, 2005

Liberty bets 120M GBP on online games of skill
Media business - Article by Richard Wray

The Independent (UK)
November 23, 2005

Malone buys 51% of AIM-listed FUN
Business - Article by Gary Parkinson

The Times (UK)
November 23, 2005

Liberty enters online gaming
Article by Neelam Verjee

ROBTV Interview
November 23, 2005

FUN Technologies and Liberty Media
Business Morning with Jim O'Connell
Wednesday, 10:40 am

November 2005

Play an online game, win a ride in space?
Article by Alan Doyle, Science Editor

Betting Business
October 2005

Sports games could fulfill fantasy of player retention
Market analysis: Focus on fantasy games

The Sunday Telegraph (UK)
September 18, 2005

Business profile: party animal
Interview with Lorne Abony, CEO, FUN Technologies

eGaming Review
September 2005

Selling the dream
Interview with Anton Kaszubowski, Managing Director, Europe

CNET Games & Entertainment
September 2005

SkillJam Arcade - "The way to go"
Mobile SkillJam Arcade review by Steve Palley, GameSpot

iGaming Feature
August 2005

Having some serious FUN
Interview with Anton Kaszubowski, Managing Director, Europe

eGaming Review
July 2005

Power 50
eGaming industry review

Financial Post
July 12, 2005
FUN Technologies shares touch record on news of deal with eBay
Market Mover
eGaming Review
June 2005

Generation next: Executive evolution
Interview with Lorne Abony, CEO, FUN Technologies

iGaming Business
April 2005

Skill gaming
Interview with Anton Kaszubowski, Managing Director, Europe

Financial Post
April 29, 2005
How to have fun in gaming
Article by Mitch Moxley
Financial Times (UK)
April 27, 2005

Happy days have arrived for FUN Technologies
Article by David Blackwell

Financial Post
April 20, 2005

E-Gambling foreseen as US$20B industry by 2010 -- 20% annual growth
Article by Mitch Moxley

Globe and Mail
April 20, 2005

On-line gambling sector is cashing in
Article by Simon Avery

eGaming Review
March 2005

Skill gaming - is it 2005's poker?
Virtual roundtable with Anton Kaszubowski, Managing Director, Europe

ROBTV Interview
March 29, 2005

Online gaming boom
Business Morning with Jim O'Connell
Tuesday, 11:10 am

Canadian Business
March 14-27, 2005

Fun and games: At 35, Lorne Abony is a young, ambitious—and very accomplished—CEO

ROBTV Interview
November 30, 2004

Power Breakfast
AM Business with Kim Parlee

Financial Post
November 22, 2004

CES bid for TSX listing racks up $55 million in proceeds
Inside Finance - Article by Barry Critchley

Financial Post
October 12, 2004

CES bets on both sides of the Atlantic
Article by Barry Critchley